About Us

Carmen Valenzuela Rubia


 A law graduate, with a Master's in Tourism, Carmen has also got a Diploma in Public Management Expertise. She has a Phd in European Union studies and obtained the HorseDream Partner License in August 2011. 
She has developed her career as an Executive of Public Administration and Private Companies since 1994. 
She currently works as a Freelance consultant for companies and organisations, she is also a therapist and CEO of Horsense Spain. She offers seminars about leadership and personal development assited by Horses to companies and organizations .
The Horses: They are the facilitators of the seminars
They are called Bribón who is  a Spanish dapple grey horse,  Londro who is a Spanish brown horse, Spanish horses from Yeguada Almuzara, Horses from Pony Club Valle Viñuelas and from Santa Maria Polo Foundation.